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Top 10 Best Skin Care Products For Acne

by Briana Egas Admin on October 23, 2020

Zits, pimples, acnes, bane of your existence – whatever you call those pesky bumps on your skin, they are there to stay unless we start removing them for good. Well, they are not going to disappear forever, but with the right skin care products and skin care routine, they may just not see the light of day for a very long time.

There are many factors as to why our skin turns on us and yields to pimples. Excess facial oil, stress, bad eating habits, lack of physical activities, and poor lifestyle choices are just the main factors, and they can easily be remedied. But before you slap your money on tons of skin products, you must first remember one important thing: it begins with serious self-care.

Skin care is self care

Taking care of our skin is one way of taking care of ourselves. We all need some TLC, and so does our skin. Neglecting to keep our skin at its best is tantamount to forgetting and keeping our personal needs the least of our priorities, and that never bodes well in the long run. 

And in the age of hyper consumerism, it is easy to get lost in a myriad of products and treatments that give us a run for our money. Good skin cannot be achieved overnight, so it’s okay not to expect immediate results and we don’t have to spend so much. We just have to have a skin care routine that suits our needs,  and be consistent with it.

At the same time, drugstore products – which are relatively cheaper – are capable of doing some heavy lifting in our skin care routine. We have selected a variety of skin care products that are certified bang for your buck. 


Our Top picks


Enchantra Rose Hand Cream Peel-Off Hand Wax

This hydrating and exfoliating hand wax from Package Princess Body Skin Care collections absorbs fast and doesn’t leave a greasy trail on your skin. It keeps your hands hydrated and prevents them from aging with rose extracts which locks in moisture and acts as a barrier against environmental and household damage. It will also leave your hands smelling good with its light white flower scent. 


La Roche-Posay Effaclar Duo Dual Acne Treatment

This product targets excess oil using zinc pidolate and micronized benzonyl peroxide which help in suppressing sebum secretion and bacterial growth that causes acnes to develop. Use day and night. Suitable for both oily and sensitive skin types.


Cetaphil Dermacontrol Foam Wash

This cleanser from Cetaphil  is  formulated with zinc to help those with sensitive skin types with acne problems. It is gentle on the skin yet firm in removing excess oil without causing the skin to dry and be stripped with its natural oils.


The Body Shop Tea Tree Skin Clearing Daily Solution

This tiny bottle from The Body Shop contains a potent solution infused with Community Fair Trade tea tree oil which combats spots and acne and keeps the skin feeling light, fresh, and supple. 


Clinique City Block Purifying Charcoal Mask and Scrub

Natural bamboo charcoal is this product’s flagship ingredient that clears away dirt. It also contains kaolin clay to give your skin a deep-clean treatment.


Neutrogena Acne Proofing Scrub

Neutrogena is a powerhouse when it comes to targeting pimples. This product works fast in scraping stubborn acne spots and leaving your skin smooth after one wash.


Aveeno Clear Complexion Foaming Facial Cleanser

This product is an excellent drugstore solution not only for eliminating spots without causing skin irritation, but also for making your face bright and radiant.


CeraVe Foaming Facial Cleanser

Excess oil, dirt, and makeup are easily removed with this facial cleanser from CeraVe. It is formulated with niacinamide, hydrating ceramides, and hyaluronic acid to refresh the skin without compromising its natural oils. Suitable for normal to oily skin types.


Clinique Moisture Surge 72-Hour Replenishing Hydrator

This refreshing gel  cream from Clinique is addictive as it leaves your skin plump, dewy, and glowing for not just one day but three! It is armed with advanced hydrator with auto-replenishing technology to keep your skin moisturized even after washing your face.