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Sevylor 4-Person Inflatable Boat

    Sevylor 4-Person Inflatable Boat

    $ 52.64

      Sevylor 4-Person Inflatable Boat

      Extra Strong Inflatable Dinghy For Fishing, Sports, Rapids & Fun!! Sevylor Inflatable Boats Have 4 Air Chambers In Case of A Puncture. Inflatable Rafts/Inflatable Baots Are Loads Of Fun For All The Family.

      • Holds up to 650 lbs
      • PVC inflatable boat with molded oarlocks
      • Thick, durable PVC
      • Sevylor inflatable boat with 4 air chambers
      • Even when one of the four air chambers is damaged, the other three chambers help keep you safe and afloat

      NOTE: Please allow 2-3 weeks delivery due to popularity.